Winner, 2017

"Treasure's Gift", a moving story about a Golden Retriever and her best friend.

Treasure and her best friend, Annie, get some sad news -- Annie's family is moving. Annie is worried that she won't have any friends in the new neighborhood, and her birthday is only two weeks away! But Treasure has a plan. Can Treasure help Annie make new friends?
Treasure's Gift is a 2017 winner of the Purple Dragonfly Award for Best Children's Book in the Animal/Pet category.
What a delightful, and sure to be helpful, book for children feeling the stress of moving to a new neighborhood.
Sharon Anderson, Emeritus Director of Agility for the American Kennel Club
What a wonderful book! We gave to a lovely, and lively, little girl on Christmas Eve. She sat still on her grandma's lap and insisted that Grandma read it over and over. She simply loved it!
I gave this book to the children of 3 of my friends and they all said it was the "best gift ever!" Parents loved it too! and said the children keep reading it over and over